Tankless water heater what does that mean? Yes no tank so you don’t have 50 to 80 gallons of hot water sitting in a large steel tank with very little insulation to keep that water hot. Compare it to this in reverse you take a family size cooler fill it with ice and set it outside on a hot summer day say 95 deg what do you have 8 hours later.

Somehow the heat travels through the insulation and you now have water instead of ice … BTU’s of heat were absorbed by the ice heat travels to cold its physics. So hot water sitting in a tank with insulated walls has water at 120 degrees as the tank sits the BTU’s of heat travel through the walls of the steel tank and through the insulation to the colder air outside the tank the water in the tank eventually is now at room temperature.

To get to 120 degrees again an electric element comes on to heat the water up again … Now the problem with this is that it did this while you were sleeping you didn’t wash your hands or take a shower take a bath wash dirty clothes do the dishes or fill your coffee pot and it did this at least 3 times.

Alternative; Navien Tankless water heater you go to sleep at night and your Navien water heater uses about 2cents to light the led light to let you know power is on to the water heater. In the morning you turn on the faucet to fill your coffee pot the Navien water heater comes on and heats up 6 cups of water to 120deg you wash some dishes put some dirty clothes in the washer for warm wash fill the bath tub with warm water for Jonny’s bath and take a hot shower while he’s playing with his rubber ducky.

Now after all that your wonderful wife gets in the shower and she still has hot water you are a hero!! And it’s a proven fact that it takes less BTU’s per 24 hours to only heat the water you use. Download Brochure

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