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At EcoGreenHome, our business focuses on the newest technologies to make running your home more efficient and affordable. We can take your existing systems and tune them up for better efficiency. We also provide new systems that will save you up to 68% on your electric bill over older systems.

Our staff are highly trained and certified in high efficiency heating and cooling systems as well as geothermal and hybrid systems. Our company installs high efficiency hot water heaters including electric, gas and tankless hot water heaters.

Air Conditioning Systems

Whether you are building a new home and need a central Heating and Air Conditioning system or if your existing home has outlived its current system and needs replaced we can help. We install air conditioning systems and can offer the options that you need.

Air Conditioning Repair Service

For AC Service and Repair in West Chester, PA – Call Craig!


Home Comfort Systems

Home comfort systems come in many configurations and models some homes have Natural gas at the street and your home can have Gas appliances such as a gas clothes dryer, a gas top range and oven, gas water heater, even a gas fire place. That means most likely your Heating system is fired by gas we install and maintain the most efficient gas furnaces ever a new standard has been achieved in gas heat for your home.


Heat Pumps

Heat pumps have gotten a bad reputation 40 years ago when the first Heat Pumps were installed the contractors just didn’t know enough about installing them they were improperly sized and ran on auxiliary heat strips because of poor install practices.

Today’s Heat pumps give warm air at the vents without electric heat strips running when they shouldn’t be, we size them differently by doing a load calculation so we know exactly what size of a Heat Pump you need for your home. The Manufactures recognized these problems and have made them more efficient than ever so Heat Pumps now offer comfort as well as efficiency.


Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning

Geothermal heating and A/C has been around for a long time. In the early 60’s they became popular because of new concept and Companies like York international and Carrier were marketing them heavily but it didn’t catch on then only people thinking out of the box would put them in and contractors didn’t know how to install them besides Oil for your home was 22 cents a gallon who cared? Well now we do care the public is tired of paying $300.00 to $1,200.00 a month to heat their homes and we also care about our environment carbon footprint believe me America is wearing a size 14 Carbon shoe.

Geothermal is alive and well 8 years ago our government offered a 30% tax credit to anyone who installed Geothermal and I have installed Hundreds of systems myself my customers love their Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning systems.

Note: The Geothermal tax credit has gone away we are lobbying for the tax credit to come back and America knows to beat up that huge carbon footprint we need and want Geothermal I have built this business on the Green energy saving concept I can still install Geothermal in your home. More details on Geothermal.


Hot Water Heaters

Hot water heaters have come a long way I have the new energy saving products to make hot water at your home affordable you would be surprised at what saving up to 45% on your hot water bill will put back in your pocket.

There are Tankless water heaters, High efficiency gas water heaters, Heat Pump water heaters, and Electric water heaters with super dense foam insulation and a plastic tank with a lifetime warranty. We have them in stock and ready to take the place of your old leaky water heater today and guarantee same day installation so no one takes a cold shower.

See our products page for the many Home Comfort products we have available from UV Air purifiers, Electronic Air Cleaners to Whole home Humidifiers we have it all.

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