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Summer will hit us like a Fire Ball and our AC system will feel the shock there are a few things you can do so you won’t be without the Air Conditioning you want.

Your Furnace or Heat Pump has been working hard and running a lot we didn’t have Spring this year it’s been cold so your air filter is most likely very dirty even if you think you just changed it time fly’s so change it anyway its the number one cause for your Central Air Conditioning unit to:

#1 run all day to get the house cool.

#2 double your electric bill.

#3 over work the air conditioners compressor and burn it up a very expensive repair.

#4 cause stress for your family most AC companies are so busy during the first hot days of Summer they may take a couple of days to get there.

It’s inexpensive to do and will save your first few hot days of Summer.

When it gets hot and humid we want to save money on the electric bill it can be expensive. But we will pay to be comfortable you think by turning the AC Thermostat off while your at work and then turning it on only when your in the house your saving money. Actually now it has to work twice as hard to get the house cool and most importantly can cause it to break. Let it run while away install a Programmable Thermostat or set your Thermostat at 76 to 78 degrees while not home it won’t run much but will keep the heat and humidity out of the air, the furniture, the walls, the floors, and everything in your house.

It all has to be re cooled when you get home think of your house like a cooler in the sun if you fill the cooler with ice and soda cans and let it sit in the sun all day when you get home you have water and hot sodas it will take a whole bag of ice in the cooler and a long time before you get a cold soda – instead add a few cubes all day long and when you get home from work you reach in the cooler and the soda is still cold sounds silly but it works.

Consider calling and getting scheduled for a summer tune up or Service Plan we will Changer the Air Filter check the Freon or Environment friendly 410A Refrigerant in your AC Unit plus up to 20 other items on our checklist. Most likely a tune up now will prevent your AC from breaking down we want you to be cool and happy it makes us look and feel good. Call today that’s what we are here for we thrive on long relationships and getting to know our customers needs.

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